Thanks to everyone’s amazing support Sophie has been in remission for 2 years!

Update 05/08/2015: Sophie continues to do great and never ceases to amaze us every day as she grows up way too quickly! She’s now finished year R at school and had a great holiday in France last week where she discovered pony riding!


Update 22/02/2015: We received some fantastic news mid-January, Sophie has now officially been in remission for two years! Sophie had a 75% chance of relapse so this is an amazing milestone to reach and we are, of course, ecstatic and incredibly proud of our little lady.

We are feeling very thankful and incredibly lucky! Thank you once again to everyone who helped this become a reality.


Update 22/05/2014: Sophie’s running a mile in Westminster this weekend raising money for Frimley Park hospital! If you’d like to sponsor here you can read more about the run here.

Update 04/04/2014: Two years ago Sophie relapsed but the amazing support she received from everyone, coupled with her incredible strength, means she’s now a very fit and well little princess! And, thanks to the very kind generosity of the Rays of Sunshine charity she’s just been on a magical holiday to meet the other princesses at Disneyland in Paris. Hope you like the photos!

Update 10/07/2013: Sophie is doing great! She’s so full of life and energy, so healthy and active, that it’s easy to forget how different things were a year ago. Her AFP is still consistently under 2 and she’s just returned back from her first holiday abroad where she had an amazing time with her younger brother James and Grandma and Grandpa (or Grampa-Grampa to her).

Here’s a photo of Sophie in the pool. Thank you again so much for all you did to help last year!

Update 12/05/2013: This time last year we were told Sophie had relapsed and were asked if we wanted to put her in palliative care. After that devastating day it’s been an incredible journey and with so much amazing support from you all she’s now 3 months in remission, back at nursery and due to have her Hickman Line removed on Tuesday so she can go swimming again. Thank you so much.

Update 29/01/2013: Great News! After 18 months of treatment comprising of 18 rounds of chemotherapy and 3 major operations Sophie is now stopping treatment. Thanks so much everyone for what you did, you can read more here.

Check out the amazing charity single and video here!

Update 07/10/12: Read all about how Sophie’s been doing in the 6 weeks since she returned from New York here.

Update 21/08/12: Thanks to your amazing generosity Sophie has now had the operations in New York on her left and right lungs that, combined with further chemotherapy in the UK, will give her the best chance at survival. We will keep you up to date with her progress both here and once she’s back in the UK. Thanks again Xx.

Update 18/07/12: We’re extremely disappointed to say Sophie’s surgery is being re-planned, with potential cost implications, and has been delayed until August 9th. In light of this we’ve raised the fundraising target to £350,000 to try to cater for the worst case that the re-planned surgery will now cost more and that she would need an air ambulance home. You can read the full details of what’s happened over the last few days here.

Please watch this wonderful video which tells Sophie’s story. By Kate Tweed, Andy Humphreys and Tracey-Ann Obermann courtesy of AMV BBDO.

Our amazing friends at ACM released a charity single for Sophie, ‘Shout it from the Rooftops’, which you can purchase here
They’ve also produced a fantastic video to accompany the song:

Update 29/06/2012: The support we have received to raise money for Sophie’s treatment has been truly overwhelming.

We are so happy to say that he have hit our target on the team page after an incredible 6,000 donations from around the world, with even a dedicated fundraising site in France. That means we can go ahead and get Sophie the surgery that she needs to give her the best chance. We’re looking forward to later in the year when hopefully our beautiful girl will be in remission again!

If you are moved by Sophie’s story and still want to donate this would be fantastic as any excess money raised will be managed by the charity we have been working with, Kids ‘n’ Cancer, to help other children who are in situations like Sophie get a head start in getting the critical treatment they need. Some funds may be retained for Sophie by Kids ‘n’ Cancer, in case she requires treatment again. Should there come a time, for whatever reason, that Sophie no longer requires treatment, those funds would be made available for other children.

We’ll continue to update this blog and the various social media services we’ve been using (such as Twitter and Facebook) to let you know how Sophie’s getting on, and to let you know about fundraising events we’re running. Friends and family will continue to work hard for her cause over the coming weeks and months and anything we raise will be managed by Kids ‘n’ Cancer to help her and other children.

Our gorgeous daughter Sophie was diagnosed with liver cancer, which had spread to the lungs, in June 2011. This is a cancer that affects only a few children each year. The prognosis for children with this type of cancer when first diagnosed is extremely poor at just 30%. Sophie bravely endured 3 rounds of traumatic chemotherapy before having liver surgery on 16th November 2011 when 25% of her liver and the entire primary tumour was removed. She then started a further 4 rounds of chemotherapy to clear the remaining tumours in her lungs and went into remission in March 2012. By this happy time she’d spent over 50 nights in hospital and a ¼ of her life suffering from a life threatening illness.

Unfortunately, our happiness and joy was short lived as the cancer returned aggressively throughout her lungs in early May. Treatment options for this kind of relapse are very limited, and she is currently being treated with new chemotherapy to control the disease. Her condition is so rare that the doctors cannot give us a prognosis. We are documenting our brave girl’s ongoing fight and treatment, to raise £230,000 to help to pay for surgery and to raise awareness of this awful rare disease. The best treatment option for Sophie is surgery; two UK surgery teams have refused to operate but luckily a team at Sloan-Kettering in New York has agreed to offer her life saving surgery. This surgery has to be privately funded by Sophie’s family, so we are asking for help with raising this money.

We have already lost several very close family and friends to cancer over the years and will do whatever it takes to ensure we do not lose anymore. Please donate through the JustGiving link on the right and you’ll keep us fighting and hoping.

You can read Sophie’s story in full here and on the Facebook page. Please be sure to follow the fundraising progress on the blog and Twitter.

40 thoughts on “Thanks to everyone’s amazing support Sophie has been in remission for 2 years!

  1. I have plenty of ideas Andrew I will start sorting out a fund raiser tomorroDo you mind publicity because what I have in mind will involve the local press in order to get a big impact. Let me know mate. Mark.

  2. Hi we would love to help you in anyway we can. We are a small business just starting out so dont have much money. We would love to donate some prizes though if they can be of use to you in anyway. Best wishes Claire

  3. Solidarity has no border and when a friend of mine (Ruth’s former collegue) contacted me this morning, I immediatly set up a foundraising action here in France, through my charity organisation “Les Bagouz’ à Manon” !
    I know how hard are the days you are living and I cross fingers to make Sophie’s intervention in the US possible.

    For French people, paying taxes in France, your donation is deductible from your tax, you can donate on the donation page I created :
    If you give 50€, it costs only 17€ to you after fiscal deduction

    All my force is with you.
    Very sweet hugs to Sophie.

  4. Hi. Just watched your story on the local news. As a survivor of throat cancer I want to wish you all the best. I really admire all the work that you are doing to save your daughters life. Sophie should be given every chance. She deserves that. I have made a small contribution on your Just Giving website.
    Good luck to you all.

  5. We would like to give a donation but need an address as we would like to send it by post as we do nothing on the computer. hope all goes well for Sophie.
    See email address below

  6. I’m 15 years old. I will show this to my school and raise some awareness and money for sophie.

  7. Hi Andrew, We all will stand by you. Inshallah
    Loads of love and prayers for Sophie …… xxxxx

  8. Hi All, having lost my little niece at the age of 3 to another rare and aggressive form of cancer, your story really struck a chord with me. I know it’s not much, but I will be doing a car boot sale next weekend, and would like to donate all the profits to help your beautiful little girl get the treatment she needs. Best of luck to you xx

  9. Hi – I have just seen your story on Meridian – my daughter Kirsty-Lee (aged 20) is a singer and if you need her to help (free of charge obviously) for any fundraising event please let me know – I may see if we an arranage a fundraising event ourselves near to us I will let you know – I know a lot of great entertainers and have helped raise money for many good causes over the last few years – wishing you loads of love for your precious daughter xx Nikki xx

    • Kirsty-Lee was also treated by Kings College Hospital, London when she was 5 years old for liver damage – not from any form of cancer I wish to add – but as you daughter has been treated by the same fabulous team i know they will always do their greatest for her

  10. Please send me an account number which we can donate money in it. Tomorrow I will let my web master put a banner on oue web site directed to sophie story in case someone would like to help. I will also put a massage on oue face book page with the same info. Let ushope with God’s grace that we c ould help as quick as we can. God bless her.

  11. I saw u on the telly, I am so sorry that u r in this situation. Your daughter is very beautiful & as a parent myself of 3 beautiful daughters I can understand your plight.. I just wanted to know if I could do a sponsored swim or run or dinner party.. something to help raise money for your daughter. Please let me know. Thank you .. Debbie.. I live in Farnborough.. Xx

  12. Just seen your story on the news, my thoughts and prayers are with your family and Sophie… It made me cry

    I will email this link to everyone in my office, it’s pay day tomorrow and I’m sure people will donate… Every penny counts

    Big kiss and hug for Sophie X

    I wish you all the best, and hope you raise all the money you need

  13. please accept our small donation to help Sophie to get well again from two loving parents who understand the plight of Sophie’s parents. We will pray for her.

  14. I would like to try and help by raising as much as I can by collecting money at work. I’m a doorman and will collect on the door over the weekend. How do I get the money to you?

  15. Hello I would love to help my other half works the door so I’m going to go out sat night to get as much money as poss where would we need to send the money to when we have got it many thanks

    • Hi Lucy

      Thanks that would great. All donations can go straight to sophies JustGiving page which is linked on here.

      The easiest way would be to pay the money into your own account and donate directly yourself.

      Many Thanks Lucy your support is appreciated


  16. hi
    i started cryin when i read your story im so sorry im part of a ocal darts team i will try and organise a fund raising darts event to help raise some money for littlins op sendin your family and littlin hugs and prayers 2 you

  17. Hi

    I log on a few times a day to check the donations so far and when I logged on today I was overwhelmed for you! Amazing! xxxx

  18. Brilliant! You’ve done it!! I’m genuinely delighted for you and you should feel justifiably proud of this achievement.

    I’m sure that little Sophie will soon be under the care she needs and I’m sure she’ll continue to be the wonderful little fighter that she clearly is.

    My thoughts will be with you and I will follow your progress. Please accept my very best wishes for all of the family.

  19. I have just been informed of your plight from friends in Godalming (Sarah/Tim/Finley/Lotte) and I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world for your upcoming journey to the states. We will be thinking of you and wishing and hoping for good news. We are strong supporters of Theodora’s Children’s Trust who supply clowns into hospital wards to give children some giggles. We do hope that they have crossed Sophie’s path at some point. Much love and hope, The Kenny family from Chiddingfold xxxx

  20. Hi there, we saw your appeal on the local news and would like to donate some money but would like to do it through CAF – do you know how we can do this?
    Wishing you all the very best.

  21. Hello, I have just read your story and would like to help you raise some extra money. I am a small bespoke jewellery business and although I cant donate any money as i havn’t been running for very long i would like to donate a collection of handcrafted gemstone jewellery in the colours and stones of Sophies choice for you to do with as you wish. Either for Sophie to have to make herself feel like the stunning little princess she is or for you to raffle or auction as you feel best. Lots of love Joanne Webb ( xxxxx

  22. After seeing your story on the BBC the other day, I’ve been telling everyone I can find, the hopes and prayers of the Oxford and Swindon Geeks are with you! We’ll try as hard as we can to help you!

    Tommy Hunter

  23. I am so happy to see the money has been raised. Well done everyone! 🙂
    I hope Sophie’s surgery goes really well.

  24. What an amazing family, best of luck with your surgery you will be in all of our thoughts and hearts. We live in Church Crookham too and our son Harry (also aged two) would like to invite you and Sophie round to play at our house when she is recovered x

    • Hi, no it was due for next Thursday 26th but has now been pushed back to Thursday August 9th. In the meantime she’s had to start another cycle of chemotherapy. Very stresful! Xx

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